Embracing My Anonymity

Hacker Anonymity Hack Silhouette Anonymous

My writing attempts have run the gamut, from politics to children’s horse stories and everything in between.  I set up this site for my more growed-up stories and opinions.  I have another site for all the regular horsey stuff called, Dreaming of Arabians. This site will focus on the sci-fi/fantasy version of my novel, Fyrestorm.  I thought about using a pen name for this site, but like a lot of people I read omnivorously, therefore I write omnivorously as well.  I love Arabian horses and Multiverse Theory, among so many other things, so I just can’t limit myself.  I’ve given it a lot of thought and I’m going to write both versions of Fyrestorm, the one where she races and the one where she sprouts wings, because…the Multiverse.  I simply can’t let either story go.  I’m going to have to come up with more character names though since I reused a few.

deadpool lazy writing

Well, I’ve been working on setting up this blog all day, so by now I’m sure there’s a dog that needs a bath, or dishes that need washing or some such…


Okay, it’s not that bad. Yet…

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