Friday the 13th, Full Moons and Dreams


Today is not only Friday the 13th, but also a full moon will happen here in Texas tonight!  Two of my favorite things happening in the same day, makes me full of hope! According to the inter-webs, it won’t happen again for 30 years.  I’ll be 84 when the next one happens and I want to look back on these 30 years and know that I lived, loved and pursued my dreams with gusto!

I am fascinated by so many things that it is often difficult for me to focus on just one.  When it comes to reading and writing, I love sweet horse stories as much as bloody, gory, tales of terror.  I like to say that I read and write omnivorously and I believe I’m not alone.  A good story is a good story, period. My hope is that I can write good stories over these next thirty years and that other people besides me will enjoy them.

I write for myself, I don’t buy into the “you have to know your target audience” idea…if for no other reason but that years from now, I’ll at least enjoy reading what I’ve written!

As I said in my about page, this is my Rated R site, so if you want to read my “fluffy” stories, check out dreamingofarabians.

Happy Friday the 13th (plus full moon) and remember:  “…we are all the dreamers of dreams.”

Embracing My Weird

Well, first I embraced my anonymity (still doing that) and now I’m embracing my weird (well I’ve been doing that for a long time actually).

embrace-yoor-weirdness-get-weird-with-robin-williams-pam-8135316 (2)

I don’t fit in exactly with any group I hang out with and that used to upset me, but my various groups; horse people, work, etc… have accepted my weirdness, so unlike in high school, it’s easier for me to embrace it now.  I should have embraced it in high school, but we moved to a small Texas town in the late seventies and people who loved Star Trek were considered freaks.  I should have stood up for myself, but I was weak at the time and my self esteem was beyond low.  There are people today who think the internet and social media in general are bad things.  I say to them, that if I had been able to reach out on the interwebs during my high school years and find others like myself, I wouldn’t have felt so alone.  I often think I was born in the wrong era, because I love technology and the way it has connected the entire world. Well, I guess I’m still here, so maybe I was born at the perfect time!

I often find myself making no progress following my dreams, because I’m interested in so many things that I can’t pick one and focus.  I read an article not too long ago that said, if you don’t pick something then you’ll never accomplish anything.  Well, I’m the case study for that article.  My husband “set me free” in 2010 and I thought I would accomplish great things, but so far, not so much… But maybe I’m wrong. I’ve formed strong friendships during the past nine years and my self esteem is at an all time high.  They say things happen when they are supposed to.  So maybe I’m finally ready to choose one idea and write the book.  I purchased a novel writing course from Udemy, so here goes…



Embracing My Anonymity

Hacker Anonymity Hack Silhouette Anonymous

My writing attempts have run the gamut, from politics to children’s horse stories and everything in between.  I set up this site for my more growed-up stories and opinions.  I have another site for all the regular horsey stuff called, Dreaming of Arabians. This site will focus on the sci-fi/fantasy version of my novel, Fyrestorm.  I thought about using a pen name for this site, but like a lot of people I read omnivorously, therefore I write omnivorously as well.  I love Arabian horses and Multiverse Theory, among so many other things, so I just can’t limit myself.  I’ve given it a lot of thought and I’m going to write both versions of Fyrestorm, the one where she races and the one where she sprouts wings, because…the Multiverse.  I simply can’t let either story go.  I’m going to have to come up with more character names though since I reused a few.

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Well, I’ve been working on setting up this blog all day, so by now I’m sure there’s a dog that needs a bath, or dishes that need washing or some such…


Okay, it’s not that bad. Yet…