This little filly started out as a surprise to everyone.  She showed up at The Franch (Frances’s Ranch) one day by her mother, Fyrelite’s, side as if by magic. It was love at first sight for me with this little filly and she officially became mine on her sixth birthday.  Her sire is the beautiful black stallion, Spirit, and her official name is Spirits Fyrestorm.  She is the inspiration for Fyrestorm, the fiery filly in the book I feel compelled to write. Here’s the synopsis:

Fyrestorm is the story of a teenaged girl, Randalin (Randi) Arora, a kind-hearted, but troubled girl with an ordinary life which is changed forever when she discovers that the wild filly she cares for after school, Fyrestorm, is not what she seems and plunges Randi into an alternate reality that has always existed unseen alongside our own.

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