Embracing My Weird

Well, first I embraced my anonymity (still doing that) and now I’m embracing my weird (well I’ve been doing that for a long time actually).

embrace-yoor-weirdness-get-weird-with-robin-williams-pam-8135316 (2)

I don’t fit in exactly with any group I hang out with and that used to upset me, but my various groups; horse people, work, etc… have accepted my weirdness, so unlike in high school, it’s easier for me to embrace it now.  I should have embraced it in high school, but we moved to a small Texas town in the late seventies and people who loved Star Trek were considered freaks.  I should have stood up for myself, but I was weak at the time and my self esteem was beyond low.  There are people today who think the internet and social media in general are bad things.  I say to them, that if I had been able to reach out on the interwebs during my high school years and find others like myself, I wouldn’t have felt so alone.  I often think I was born in the wrong era, because I love technology and the way it has connected the entire world. Well, I guess I’m still here, so maybe I was born at the perfect time!

I often find myself making no progress following my dreams, because I’m interested in so many things that I can’t pick one and focus.  I read an article not too long ago that said, if you don’t pick something then you’ll never accomplish anything.  Well, I’m the case study for that article.  My husband “set me free” in 2010 and I thought I would accomplish great things, but so far, not so much… But maybe I’m wrong. I’ve formed strong friendships during the past nine years and my self esteem is at an all time high.  They say things happen when they are supposed to.  So maybe I’m finally ready to choose one idea and write the book.  I purchased a novel writing course from Udemy, so here goes…